300px Portrait Photographer London Kent

Hi, I'm Sheradon, I’m a professional photographer based in the South-East of the UK.
I create content for commercial businesses and online brands that wish to engage with their customers through eye-catching photography. This is usually in the form of styled food and products for brands and restaurants, or environmental portraits for magazine articles. Occasionally, I take on projects that fall outside these areas as I find it keeps my days engaging and often presents a challenge that I enjoy working towards with all aspects of my work. 
My photography has developed alongside a long career in Graphic Design, which gives my photos their contemporary editorial style. I also have a genuine love for the Arts and Modern Design, and this has been a great influence and point of reference since I can remember. Whether I am shooting for individuals, small businesses or large corporations, my attitude to work is to always be transparent and adaptable and to enjoy the experience as I'm happiest when I'm behind my camera.
Previous clients I have been fortunate enough to work for have been Vogue IndiaMarriott Hotel Park Lane, Waitrose Weekend, American Express, BBC Countryfile, Good Homes Magazine, and The Turner Contemporary Margate to name a few. I love the creativity and variety my work brings, also the opportunity to meet new people. So if you would like to discuss how I could help your business stand out from the competition,
feel free to message me via the contact page.
I look forward to hearing from you and eventually working with your brand.